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At CNC Plastics we can take your vision and make it a reality. From initial concept we can work from your specifications or help you design the specs… with your input through every step of the way to make sure the package matches exactly your needs.
  • Trays
  • trays
  • The plastic trays manufactured by CNC Plastics are primarily used as either WIP (work in progress), or shipping trays in manufacturing environments, or as inserts for retail packaging. Material choice is dictated by intended application, as is overall size.
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  • Blister Packs
  • blister cards
  • Blister packaging involves using a custom formed plastic blister that is then usually sealed onto a printed back make of card-stock. This is a very effective way to create low-cost visual packaging for small parts, especially when the client already has sealing machinery in place.
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  • Clamshells
  • clamshell packaging
  • Clamshells are a one-piece product that can be securely closed via built in locks or ultrasonic welding/packaging film. They encase the product on all sides and are effective in providing protection during shipping and transport.
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Specialists in Custom Plastic Packaging

CNC Plastics is a thermoformer specializing in manufacturing various custom plastic trays, blisters, and other products. We are proud to manufacture all our products domestically at our Port Coquitlam location.
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